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The First Step to Resurrection

As I have been celebrating Lent for the last several years, I have found my experience and appreciation of Resurrection to grow each year. Easter is no longer just another Sunday. And it is no longer the end of an … Continue reading

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The Post I Didn’t Want to Write

….so stick with me until the end here. Holy Week can be a tough week. It makes us deal with all of the things we are uncomfortable dealing with. In Holy Week, we are confronted with death. We are confronted … Continue reading

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Holy Week: The Road to the Cross

This week is Holy Week, the week we concentrate on the events leading to Jesus death. Technically, Lent ends Wednesday. But we celebrate Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday as the events Lent has prepared us for. The text … Continue reading

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Garden Weeds, Weight Loss, and the Freedom Found in Lent

This weekend I got to spend some time in my garden. I love our garden and so beginning to get it ready is a very exciting time for me. So Saturday I spent some time pulling up all the grass … Continue reading

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Living in the Tension of Doubt and Grief

Suffering is a difficult topic. There are so many questions and theories and it all runs off of very delicate and wounded places in people’s live. So I want to give some absolutes. Today, I am going to talk about … Continue reading

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Faith and the House of Cards

Few things give me more doubt than just sitting and reading the Bible. There. I said it. I am reading through the New Testament for Lent. I assumed this statement wouldn’t pop up until I started reading Paul, but Jesus … Continue reading

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Lent: The God Who Meets Us Where We Are

Being lost is an experience I have often. I have a terrible sense of direction so unless I have a person or a Google to guide me I can get confused very easily. I was in a town I didn’t … Continue reading

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Pregnancy, Yes, and No

My wife and I had a Lent once where pregnancy (or an attempt at it) and Lent coincided. I was actually amazed at the similarities. It is a period of self-denial so you can do something new and bring forth … Continue reading

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Failing at Lent: A Five Point Theology of Fasting

I have failed at Lent already. A good portion of what I am trying to do during Lent is being intentional and focused with my kids. I also gave up coffee. These two collided quickly. I came home one day … Continue reading

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Ash Wednesday

The cross of Ashes is an identity marker. It is the intersection of who God is and who we are. It is a reminder of who we are and whose we are. Because we spend a lot of time forgetting … Continue reading

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