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Three Steps to Better Decisions

I have always found it fascinating to watch college students as they begin the process of graduating and moving on to real life. This period of time can be a real faith struggle as they make big decisions on careers, … Continue reading

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Why I Believe the Bible

After my post last week, a friend of mine asked a few hard questions about the nature of the Bible and God. I have been wrestling with it all week. I encourage you to read the post, look at his … Continue reading

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Re-Painting the Disturbing God of Abraham and Isaac

If you look through the art depicting the story of Abraham and Isaac, the images are pretty disturbing. But to be honest, the traditional way of viewing this story paints an even more disturbing picture of God. I think there … Continue reading

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Touching Strangers and the True Reality

About a year ago, I ran across Richard Renaldi’s “Touching Strangers” project. It has been something that has captivated my attention for a while. If you aren’t familiar with it, check out the video below: This project is so beautiful … Continue reading

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Ordinary Days: Not Forgotten

Some times it is easy to wonder if God is paying attention. We struggle through our every day life. We give up things for God and our faith. We suffer because of the brokenness in the world and in ourselves. … Continue reading

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Grass, God, and Guns: Go Green and Govern Like God

One of the more mysterious things about the Trinity is actually found tucked away in the account from Genesis 1. It is this: So God created human beings in his own image.     In the image of God he created them. Whatever … Continue reading

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The Gift of Tongues

If you could pick one story in the Bible to capture the beauty of God’s intentions for the Church, you find it in the story of Pentecost. Pentecost is the “Now what?” answer for the followers of Jesus living in … Continue reading

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Heaven is for Real: The Jarring Question of the Angels

It is one of my favorite scenes in the Bible. The disciples are staring up into the clouds, trying to figure out what just happened. We see a quick glimpse of the disciples still not truly understanding what Jesus was … Continue reading

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Celebration and Critique: The Church’s Verbal Witness

You may have noticed for the first few weeks after Easter, the readings went through Peter’s Pentecost sermon. This week, we get a glimpse into Paul’s sermon on Mars Hill. I find it interesting to contrast these two talks, and … Continue reading

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Easter Week 6: Explaining the Hope We Have

It is an interesting set of verses this week. We see Jesus talking about the centrality of love. We see Peter’s words that if someone asks about your Christian hope, be ready to explain it. We see Paul actually living … Continue reading

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