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Early in the week I had the privilege of attending a christian coach training through Missional Monks, an organization run by by brother-in-law Bret which supports and equips those stepping into a missional lifestyle. This was a really intense two … Continue reading

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a community of light

Our daily Epiphany reflection for this week is about light. We hope you read the scriptures and pray with us each day this week. There is way to study the bible that has been hammered into my brain ever since I … Continue reading

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exploring the moment

I have two seemingly unrelated thoughts on my mind that keep fighting to the surface as I write today. Presence and exploration. Here goes……. I have never been good at being in the moment. My thoughts are often consumed by … Continue reading

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peace in the shadow of Mount Tweedo

It was a cold night in the shadow of Mount Tweedo in central Colorado. As the embers of the fire gave way to the oncoming darkness, I could feel another kind of darkness advancing. The group of teenagers I helped … Continue reading

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An Invitation to Advent

We have spent this week talking about Advent. In case you are still new to the idea of Advent, here is a quick refresher: Advent officially starts this coming Sunday. And we would like to invite you celebrate with us. … Continue reading

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Bugs Life, Voting, and the Seed Within You

I was watching Bugs Life the other day for roughly the zillionth time and there was a scene that hit me in a different way. I am going to assume that you don’t have every line etched deeply into your … Continue reading

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B.i.S. Theology

In youth ministry, you typically get calls from people who are worried about other people. They have some struggles or have screwed up really bad or they may just not be living up to the caller’s expectations. I have a … Continue reading

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