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What did Facebook kill?

Today’s guest post is from Dr Bret Wells, a great friend of the blog and what some might call….Chris’ brother-in-law. Bret is the Director of Operations for the Missional Wisdom Foundation, church planter and pastor of The Gathering church in … Continue reading

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They know no other world

We began this blog speaking in some detail about how technology affects us and impacts our spiritual lives. While we’ve moved on to cover many subjects, we want to revisit the idea of technology every now and then because we … Continue reading

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The Freedom of Remembering

This is the second post on technology, stress, addiction and our brains. Read this first. Now I may be way out of my league talking about the brain here, so correct me if I miss something. The reason our addictions … Continue reading

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Oppression, Stress, Technology and Our Brains

My “Around the Web” post for the week ended up having several articles and things to talk about, so we are going to make it a two parter. Tomorrow we will have a few less links and some helpful conclusions, … Continue reading

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Facebook and kids

Before I dive into this topic, let me give a disclaimer: my opinion on this matter is still forming so please do not assume much about my “agenda” on this matter. This post will hopefully be a discussion starter for … Continue reading

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So how did you sleep last night, grumpypants?

Yesterday morning I had a realization that I shared with my wife. “Last night is the first night in FOREVER that I have actually slept well!” Really, this is sad if I am honest with myself. In so many ways … Continue reading

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Power at the tip of your tongue…or fingertips

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” As a kid, I heard that phrase uttered many times. I know I thought it often when I was getting picked on growing up. And after nearly … Continue reading

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