Blog Introduction

The Sacred Margins Project was birthed out of a desire to explore the deep connections (both good and bad) between spirituality and technology. As we began to dive into this project, we realized that this was not only a much-needed conversation, but a conversation that went far beyond Facebook and cell phones.

We began to see that community and technology are intimately related in our world. It has the capacity to both enrich and prevent it. We saw connections with technology and idols, the Exodus, Terminator movies, church, and much, much more.

But most of all, we began to see that what God wants is for us to see the world as it really is. He calls us to see what is real, and stop settling for anything less. He wants us to see that each moment is soaked in His presence. And He invites us to live much deeper into Him than most of us are currently doing. We just have to learn to how to create the space to do so.

This blog will focus primarily on the relationship between spirituality and technology. But before we go there, we want to spend some time exploring how we got to this point. So we will take a few weeks explaining some of the fundamental ideas and metaphors that will drive our future discussions.

We hope you will enjoy being a part of this journey as well.

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