Adele and Katy Perry Squaring Off

I currently have the following phrase stuck in my head: “Kiss me…K..k..k..kiss me”. It’s horrifying. For many reasons.

So let me to take a moment to tell you why I can’t stand Katy Perry.

First of all, she tries really hard to have this “bad girl” kind of image, and I just don’t buy it. Anytime she tries to be hard core it looks fake to me.

I also don’t like the fact that her songs are geared towards very young girls and are super sexual. But even beyond that, most of her lyrics are crap. What else do you expect when you have someone else writing your stuff and basically only doing so to get on the radio? Because when you are making songs for the sake of just getting on the radio, you make auditory crack.

Therefore, anytime I hear a Katy Perry song, I enjoy it and have it in my head for days – even though I am opposed to all that she and her music represent. So in confession, I have switched the radio station TO a Katy Perry song more often than I have switched it FROM a Katy Perry song. It’s disgusting. But the catchy music takes me in.

Now compare this to Adele. My wife told me about an interview with Adele where she was asked why she doesn’t put out more music. She responded that since she writes her own music, she has to live life in order to write more songs. That takes authenticity and time.

I think this is why so many people connect with her music. She speaks the truth, and she speaks it out of the depth of life. This is what I love about her.

It is why most of my favorite artists are singer/songwriters – John Mayer, Adele, David Crowder, Mumford and Sons. All of these artists’ songs will stick with me long after Katy Perry, because they combine good music with depth in lyrics.

I think this is a metaphor for our spiritual lives as well (and honestly has nothing to do with Katy Perry or Adele lest you think I am a hater).

There are so many things that keep us on the surface with God. Most of them are actually good things. They look like God. They are catchy. They have the appearance of good. The problem comes when they keep us from experiencing depth.

I can enjoy Katy Perry’s music, but not at the soul level that I do some of those other artists.

I can keep a shallow relationship with God, but it will not stick with me at a soul level. God wants something deeper for us. Something real and true. But we have to learn how recognize the distractions and learn to live life with Him. That takes authenticity and time.

So what are those things for you?

What in your life has the appearance of God but keeps you from a deeper walk with Him?

4 thoughts on “Adele and Katy Perry Squaring Off

  1. This blog is a great idea.

    This gave me a lot to think about. I look at your words from a the perspective of personal relationships. I liken one type of relationship (the Katie Perry) to small-talk, and the other (Adele) to deep conversation. We can be around the same people everyday and see them more than the people we love the most in this world, and yet we are too uncomfortable to lay ourselves out there and experience a true connection. I just think that a life truly vested in others is one in which you are probably making an impact in people’s live on a more regular basis.

    • I totally agree Phil. I am amazed at how many people are willing to stay on the shallow side of those relationships. But I totally get why people do. It’s inconvenient and takes a lot of effort. Thanks for your thoughts!

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