Beauty in the White Spaces

I know that I’m in some weird minority here, but one of my favorite colors is white. I’m sure this may be a commentary on the boring nature of my personality, but I’m willing to risk it. I love white. For me, there is a beauty in it’s simplicity. It complements every other color (there’s a reason that nearly all home sports uniforms are white). In white spaces I see possibility – an open space ready to be inhabited by beauty.

For many of you, I’m sure white represents a void. It’s blank, absent of content. Without white, however, would the allure of your favorite colors be as strong? Could you appreciate the beauty of color without the contrast of the white spaces? The color white creates a margin that allows you to enjoy the rest of the spectrum.

Earlier this week Trevor mentioned how his day felt like a page full of words with no margins. Have you ever tried to read a page like this? It’s a maddening experience. You could be reading some of the most intriguing text in the world, but spread that text across a page with no defined margin and it becomes overwhelming. The white space of margin creates boundaries for our eyes and pushes the content of the page into a more manageable space. The white space becomes integral to understanding the text.

Right at the beginning of scripture, we see this principle at work. We see a God who is bringing order to a formless universe and creating margins between water & sky, land & sea, light & darkness. At the heart of God is a being that both creates and sets margin so that his people can understand and function within the world he creates. God is into margins.

But this does not describe the world that we live in most of the time. Our lives are painfully absent of margin. We run from one activity or responsibility to another. We have no down time, every blank moment filled with

an image from a television

or a phone call

or music from an iPod

or a blog post from the internet

or a text.

We live margin-less lives.

But the very creation in which we reside begs us to look and see a God who creates order from the chaos of our lives. To embrace the margins. To be enchanted by a world full of color by finding beauty in the white spaces.

Do you have any time or place that is a “white space” for you? We want to hear your voice, so tell us:

Where are the white spaces in your life?

Where do you find peace, quiet and Sabbath from a world that is non-stop and chaotic?

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