Some exciting news about the blog

First of all, if you have been following the Sacred Margins blog for the last few weeks, thank you so much! We are so appreciative of all of you who take the time and read our posts and give us feedback. It is a privilege to work through these thoughts in creative ways because we feel like these are important conversations to have.

For the last six weeks our task has been laying the foundational material and thoughts that the entire blog will rest upon. The framework of margins, technology, and community – and where we can find what is real and genuine within each of these- will provide the structure as we explore our culture at large as well as our specific settings.

Since we concluded our introductory thoughts yesterday (which can be viewed in the tab above labeled Core Principles), we now shift to more specific commentary and observations of our digital world using these principles. Each week will look different as we explore what is out there and how it affects not only our daily life but also our spiritual walk. Because, all of these things are connected.

We are marking this shift with a week-long look at a brilliant speech given in early 2011 by an MIT professor named Sherry Turkle. We will post this video in its entirety tomorrow, then use each day next week to work through some of the specific ideas she puts forward when it comes to our often conflicted relationship with technology.

So, as we move forward into this new phase of the blog, please join us. Tell your friends. Consider the ideas and comment as often as you can so we can talk about these things.

Again, we thank you for reading and are looking forward to the conversation.

Allen, Chris, and Trevor

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