Can we waste time with God?

Productivity is at the heart of all business. If you run a shop or a factory and your workers are not productive, over time your business will fail. All owners or managers want the time they are paying for to be well spent and contributing towards the goals of the business.

And, there is nothing wrong with that.

Yet, our culture’s value system tends to bleed all over everything – especially our relationships. If we allowed the values of American culture (i.e. being productive, getting things done, promotions, and “the bottom line”)  tumble into our relationships, we will find ourselves trying to impose these values on those we love.

And, by nature of being human, we allow our cultural assumptions to slide into our relationship with God. We feel the need to “get things done”, be productive, please him with our prayers, and get to what is important quickly, especially if we are in a rush. Our quiet time tends to be more about accomplishing something, not really about the time we spend.

I had an interaction with a sweet old lady in a college class a few years ago that totally changed my viewpoint on time spent with God. For her, she took joy in “wasting time with God.”

Let that sink in for a second.

Wasting time with God.

These words have haunted me since I have heard them, especially when I feel the need to be productive in my dealings with God.

They haunt me when I wonder if I prayed hard enough when I didn’t get what I asked for.

They haunt me when I don’t feel like I am hearing from God at any given time.

They haunt me when I feel doubts and don’t find the answers to quell that doubt.

You see, like many others I have allowed our culture’s assumptions about productivity and resourcefulness creep into my relationship with God.

The question is, where in the bible does it teach us that we have to get anything done in our prayer time? Just like a father plays with his kids without any agenda, we should hope God desires the same for us.

So, this weekend set some time aside to just “waste” with God. When you get to your quiet time, drop your agenda. Just be there. Rest. Don’t get anything accomplished. Just “be” with God.

I can’t promise you what might come out of this time, but God never made any promises either.

Set aside this time and let us know how it goes for you!

Let’s waste some time together.

(Also, be sure to check in on Monday morning for a special week of blog posts!)

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