Are you betraying…

There is really no worse feeling in the world than betrayal. The term “stab in the back” is a fitting term for how this feels because the pain of betrayal can feel just like a knife. There is really nothing like it.

As I wrote on Tuesday, we struggled at camp with teens lying about having their cell phones and some parents enabling them to do so. We were disheartened by the lengths people would go to so they would not have to give up electronics.

Yet, as in most cases, electronics isn’t the issue. It is about self-betrayal. You see, as Christ followers we have taken on a set of ethics we believe pleases God. To believe in God should reflect in honesty, and integrity.

But if we are really honest, our actions often betray our words. We say one thing, then do another. Really, this is one of the more timeless issues of humanity.

Self-betrayal can get out of hand when combined with a lack of self awareness. When we are not a home with ourselves we find that our words and actions fail to line up.

Self-awareness stems from being honest with yourself about things, no matter the outcome. For instance, when you have a strong, negative response to something, have you ever stopped to ask yourself why? What compelled me to respond that way? Why was I angry? Did my actions betray what I really believe? Who am I blaming?

We will find, if we are willing to take the time to reflect, our actions betray our words often. And, I don’t believe it is because we are bad people.

We are just really, really distracted.

Our energies have been diverted towards what we feel like will give us meaning, but at the end of the day really just leave us feeling empty.

Because the whole issue I brought up in Tuesdays post had very little to do with cell phones. We wanted to give teenagers the space to come alive. We know all to well how distracted we have become.

A challenge for the weekend:

This weekend I challenge you to evaluate how your actions complement your words. Here is how you can do it:

Take a piece of paper and write down five aspects of your value system on one side of the paper. Draw a line down the middle of the page. On the other side, reflect how your actions either support or betray those values. You will be surprised.

Then, take a few minutes and rest in God. Pray about these things. Don’t spend a lot of time beating yourself up over the ones that don’t line up.

Keep that piece of paper handy next week. From time to time, get it out and see how you are doing based upon your reflections. And, pray. Pray a lot.

I hope this goes well for you over the weekend.

Share your thoughts with us. How have you seen self-betrayal in your life?

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