Iron Man, Genesis and Not Buying the Lie

Ah, summer. The time when America’s fancy turns to…superheroes.

I am a bit of a  superhero nerd so this summer is an exciting movie season for me. And I really geeked out when I was listening to a talk recently that explored America’s current fascination with superheroes.

Notice the main figure-heads of this summer’s blockbusters: Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Bruce Wayne (Batman).

These two figures share a few things in common: good looks, money, and technology. In fact, the reason these two are superheroes are because they have the money and resources to create the technology to make them superheroes.  I thought it was an interesting observation.

Even in the Spiderman reboot, we see the shift from Peter Parker naturally having the ability to make webs to building the web-shooting technology (as God intended).

Perhaps there is an assumption that enough money and technology can make us heroes. Perhaps money and technology have become the things we assume can save us.

Shift gears now to Genesis 1 and 3, the Bible’s account of God making the world.

My friend Niki pointed this out to me a few weeks ago. When God makes humans, he says  he is making them in his own image. It is repeated three times in two verses. We are not supposed to miss it.

Yet when you jump over a couple of chapters, and the serpent tries to tempt Adam and Eve, he tempts them with the ability to be like God.

That doesn’t seem like a great sales pitch to me. He is trying to sell them on something they already have. “This thing that I am offering will make you special. God has been holding out on you. You are capable of more.”

But the truth is, they already possessed exactly what they were being offered. Yet somehow, they still bought it. And not much has changed.

Money, success, technology all seem to promise something more for us. We assume they will solve our problems, make us better, save us, or turn us into heroes.

But the truth is, no amount of money, success or technology can make you more valuable than you are at this very moment.

Anything else that claims it can, is just a lie trying to get us to buy something we already possess. It has been happening since humans first set foot on the earth.

**Spoiler alert*** This is where Avengers leads. Tony Stark has to make the choice of being the hero who sacrifices himself. When he does, we discover that it is not so much the suit that makes him a hero, but his heart.

My guess is the Batman series will conclude here as well.

So my prayer for you today is that you stop looking to other places to make you a hero.

My prayer is that you begin to see yourself as your creator does. You currently possess all that you need to be a hero. Even if you have lost sight of that, He hasn’t. The true hero lies within.

Tony Stark figured it out. You can too.

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