when the power goes out

I love thunderstorms. Or at one time I loved them.

That was until we moved into our neighborhood a few years ago. You see, being in the country we have a rather archaic power grid. When the hamster falls off the wheel, that is pretty much it.

So, when we have a thunderstorm roll through, we find it wise to get the candles and lighter ready. At the slightest clap of thunder, the lights flicker and everything goes out.

But what is really annoying is how long it takes to get power back to our neighborhood. I guess when you live in the country you are not high on the priority list to get things going again.

So, we sit in the dark and wait.

Then and only then do you realize how many things depend on electricity. When the power goes out, life kind of shuts down. No TV, microwave, stove, A/C, internet….anything.

When the power goes out at our house, we struggle. We are so used to being connected through our phones and computers that we don’t know what to do when everything is taken away.

I used to work with a minister who was pretty suspect of new technology. His claim was that all technology depends on one thing……electricity. If ever we are devoid of electricity, technology will follow.

I haven’t thought about that.

We are so completely dependent on electricity in all facets that if we were ever without it, we would be in huge trouble.

Yet, this isn’t a post about how we should be suspect of all technology since it is dependent on electricity. Not even close.

Why I am writing about this dependence is to shine a light on what is really lasting and important. When we become completly dependent on something, we naturally lose dependence on other things. Like we have said on many occasions, technology is great. But, we spend SO much time interacting with it. So much time is spent with something that can be taken away in a moment.

So, let’s begin this week focusing on what is important: relationships, service, deep communion with our Lord, the beauty of creation, and worship. Set some time aside this week to put away the electronics and invest in what can never be taken away.

I think a worthy read along these lines is out of Revelation 3:14-21 to the church in Laodicea. They too struggled with getting caught up in their world. Reflect on this passage this morning as you consider what you invest your time in.

Have you ever considered these things? What have you become dependent on? What has suffered in your life due to over-dependence on technology?

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