Do Not Disturb

If you know me well enough, you understand that I am an…how should I put this…ordered person. Ok, perhaps I can be downright anal about some things. Ok, most things.

Alright – I’m pretty much neurotic about life. I like for things to be in their place and to go as planned. I constantly make lists and love to cross items off them. Deviations from the plan upset me.

I do not enjoy distractions or unscheduled time.

By the way, Trevor & Chris really get a kick out of this. They love to tease me and poke fun when I feel uneasy or off-schedule. They toss each other knowing glances and make inappropriate jokes at my expense. They seem to enjoy that I’m so uptight.

I could take this as normal ribbing, but perhaps they are hitting on something that I am missing out on. Take this quote from the great C.S. Lewis:

Stop regarding all the unpleasant things as interruptions of one’s ‘real’ life. They are precisely one’s real life.”

I hate to be interrupted. I usually have a pretty good idea of what I want my day to look like. So all of the little distractions – that person who just dropped by my office to chat, that unexpected phone call or that event that ruins my schedule – I usually look upon with contempt.

These things – these people – are keeping me from my goals. And while I am a bit more ordered than most, I don’t think I’m alone on this. We all hate distractions.

But here’s the deal: I see no such attitude in Jesus. In fact, many of his best interactions happened with those who could have been viewed as distractions: the Sryophoenician woman (Mark 7), the woman who touched Jesus’ garment (Luke 8), the woman at the well (John 4), etc.

These people did not distract Jesus from his mission. They were his mission. He welcomed these unscheduled events & saw opportunity rather than distraction. He saw a person rather than an interruption.

Most of the significant moments of our lives are unscheduled. They begin as deviations from the plan or interruptions to our normal lives.

The challenge is to be present enough with those around me that I can see past distraction and view blessing. To be willing to live my life on God’s schedule rather than my own. It’s not something I do very well.

So may you really see others around you today. May your schedule be filled with interruption & distraction. May you understand the blessing of having your plans altered.

Because that is where your life truly is.

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