Heartbeat of God

While we often talk about some of the dangers of technology, there are also a great deal of technological resources that can also feed our faith. One that I frequent is sacredspace.com. I often have trouble knowing how to begin praying and this has been a great place to launch me into prayer.

Here is a story they posted a long time ago, but has always stuck with me:

A Jewish boy, the only son of his devout parents, was a most biddable child, with one exception! He resisted learning the Torah. To his parents, nothing could have been more distressing.

The Chief Rabbi was to visit their Synagogue. They decided to ask him to visit their home. He did, and after the meal the parents expressed to the Rabbi their concern about their son.

The Rabbi asked permission to place his arms around the boy. The parents agreed, moving to one side. They watched and waited, expecting to hear some word of advice from the Rabbi to the boy. But the only word they heard was silence as they watched their son rest close to the Rabbi’s heart.

The next day the boy began to study the Torah. His passion for God’s word grew. Years later he became a wise and loving Rabbi. Many asked him whence his knowledge came. He simply said, ‘I put my ear close to the Chief Rabbi’s heart and in that moment I heard the heartbeat of God.’

I wanted to offer just a few thoughts that this spurred in me for you to reflect on.

Stop for a minute and think about what it takes to hear a heartbeat. Can you hear yours now? Isn’t it amazing that something so essential to your being and so close to you is almost unrecognized?

I think the same is true for the heartbeat of God. It is deep within each of us. It sustains us. It is always moving and working. But we miss it because we do not stop and pay attention to it. We live loud lives that easily drive the sound out. But when I lean into Jesus, the other noise drowns out so I can hear the pulsing of His heart.

Hearing a heartbeat is also intimate. For me to hear the heartbeat of another, I must be right up against their chest. I can observe that a heart is functioning when I see a living human. I can even feel it by touching a wrist or a neck. But to hear it, I have to get very close. That kind of intimacy and closeness is what God wants from us.

And lastly, this young man heard God’s heartbeat in another. The boy’s entire faith journey did not start by pouring over the Scriptures, it started by a man pulling him close enough to hear the inner workings of his heart.

So what does this story bring up in you? How do you hear His heartbeat?

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