Do It Anyway

So, I’ve been pretty down on myself lately.

It’s not one thing in particular. As I wrote last week, some of it is just the time of year for me. But there are moments in my life when I’m unsure of what I contribute. When I forget the impact I can have. When I wonder about my purpose.

I’m pretty sure we all go through these periods of doubt. Many times it takes a swift kick in the backside to bring us back to reality. But sometimes it just takes kind & honest words.

I found those words this week. They came from a wonderful post by Sarah Bessey. I felt like she was describing exactly how I feel…

Why bother writing a book? Why does any one need another book? The world is full of books. There have been too many books, most of them never should have been published. Everything has been said already. And why does the world need another painting, another necklace, another song, another band, another blog or a poem or a cookbook, another work of art, a painting, a sculpture? There is enough of it all to satisfy anyone.

The world doesn’t need another artist or even another doctor or teacher, surely there are enough by now. Newspapers, pieces of furniture, it all ends up in the trash soon, the bargain bin, forgotten. Why does the world need another church service, another church plant, another prayer meeting, another intentional community of believers? Why bother praying? Why bother fasting? Why bother sitting in silence and waiting, why bother making meals or cleaning your house, why bother reading? Gracious, giving money away is useless, what difference does sending $35 a month in child sponsorship gigs really make for the big picture anyway, sure maybe one kid, but what’s one kid in a world?

…and then gently bringing me back to the truth:

Do it anyway.


Bother them all by creating, by making, by building, by loving, by writing, by having babies, by doing the daily work of life with joy.

Baffle them with your ferocious gentleness, with your life-giving, with your prayer, and your wonder. The world does not have enough because your part isn’t here yet, and if anything matters, everything matters, you matter, your $35 a month to a kid in Sri Lanka matters, your book, your song, your art, your family, your faith, your hunger for justice, your hands, your feet, your mind, your life, matters.

What you and I do matters. It matters because when you do what you are gifted to do, you affect change in the lives around you. Because when you do what you are called to do, the Spirit is evident and the Father is praised.

Do you ever go through times when you doubt your purpose? What brings you back to reality? What restores your faith in what God does through you?

P.S. – Thank you, Sarah. What you do matters!

2 thoughts on “Do It Anyway

  1. I feel this way. A lot. I think it’s just my nature. I love the Sarah Bessey piece and appreciate you sharing your thoughts on it. Usually, the part of me that feels this way is the part of me that wants more power, wealth, influence, and respect. I’ve set my life up in a way that doesn’t give me much of that, but sometimes I feel more like I have failed in those regards instead of choosing a different path.

    It’s grasping for more that is meaningless; giving of yourself participates in the divine that is in the world because of Jesus.

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