sometimes I am not very good about taking my own advice

Often here at Sacred Margins we talk about ordering life to engage in what is important: relationships, depth, community, and a deep meaningful relationship with our creator.

And as we discuss these big ideas we also do so in the midst of a very noisy and distracting world. In fact we believe that it is more and more difficult to experience meaningful community and depth while noise continues to creep into the quiet spaces.

Let me be honest. Lately I have really struggled to live out some of the things we are writing about on this blog. As many of you know my family has stepped out of church work and into a ministry to teenagers in a non-profit setting. However we are doing this on a part-time basis until the funding is secured to become full time. While I am fully expecting this to happen soon, I am working a second job on my “off days”.

In short, I am working 7 days a week.

Disclaimer: I am not complaining about any of this. In fact, I am incredibly thankful that God has provided for us in this season of transition to keep things moving financially until things move forward with my new position. But in the short meantime I am going to be working a lot.

I have worked this schedule for almost a month now and I am noticing a few things:
– often I am not sure what day it is
– there are times I forget what I am supposed to be doing
– time for relationships has dramatically decreased.

And, I am a little more irritable to boot (my wife is a friggin saint).

Again, I am not complaining. I am observing. We know that this isn’t forever, it is just a season.

Months ago when I was still on staff at our church I did a retreat for our couples exploring the biblical concept of Sabbath. While this isn’t an official part of the Christian credo, we talked about the benifet of setting aside a whole day of the week for rest. We explored what happened to our minds and hearts when we neglected Sabbath rest.

Little did I know that I would be living out things in a way that would prevent Sabbath in the near future.

During this season I have realized how God has made us for margin. Sabbath was God’s way of letting us enjoy our work. He gave us a way to set a holy rhythm to our week that we work towards and work out of. Just as he rested – that is, entered his creation to reside in his temple – he calls us to rest in our own creativity and enjoy the fruits of our handiwork.

Have you ever had a season of life where you had no break? How did that affect your physical, mental, and spiritual self? What did you do to get into a better rhythm?

I would love to hear from you! Obviously I could use some help in this area!

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