Romanticize the moment

This has been a full weekend/week up to this point and I have had very little time in front of a computer screen, so I figured I would give you something short and simple as you work your way through the day.

One of the core ideas of this blog is presence. Our moments tend to be fleeting as our world becomes more and more distracted. Today, however I set out to make one of my moments a little less fleeting.

You see, I haven’t had a lot of time to spend around my son. My work schedule, on top of the move, has given me very little spare time to just hang out. And, the time that we do get to spend is frustrating because either I am worn out or him the same. So, we both end up frustrated because neither one of us gets what we want: quality time.

But today, I had a thirty minute window that I knew I needed to capitalize. Our plan was to meet my wife at her work (she works at a children’s hospital) and play on the playground until she was off work. The weather was beautiful and it was just me and him.

You know how we tend to romanticize the past? Just listen in on a group of high school friends or families reminiscing about a loved one gone from this earth. We highlight our best moments and sometimes even embellish a bit.

I thought about that as I played with my son on the playground on a beautiful autumn afternoon. I thought, “what if I romanticize this moment, as it is happening?” Now, I don’t even know if I totally know what that means, even as I type it. But, that is what I did.

I wanted to enjoy the moment as it happened. The next few moments held no candle to the moments I could have took for granted if I hadn’t payed attention.

Time slowed a bit. It was definitely a sacred moment for us in a time where good moments have been hard to find.

I guess when Jesus told us to stop worrying about the future and past, he knew that these moments were easy to miss while distracted.

So, I guess what I am suggesting is finding a moment to romanticize today. Slow it down. Enjoy the flavor. Find the holiness in the moment while it is happening. Don’t wait until some future date to really understand what is happening right in front of you.

Romanticize the moment.

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