Friday Linkaliciousness

Going forward, we would like to use our Friday post as an opportunity to catch up. So we’ll review our posts here as well as provide links to some articles around the web are interesting and inspiring.


Trevor talked about what a gift it can be to simply listen:

There is a great need in each of our hearts to be listened to. Sometimes the greatest act of love we can give a person is to simple keep our mouth shut.  In a world with so many words, listening is a gift.

Allen encouraged us to break the typecasts we impose on ourselves:

Even if that typecast is inherently good, you are more. You are more than your biggest success or failure. You are more than the image that stares back at you in the mirror. You are more than a number on a bank statement.

Chris talked about our tendency to weasel out of situations with words:

We all do it. If we don’t want people to know what is really going on or want keep people at a distance, we use these terms. We can find these weasel words when someone is trying to dodge a question they don’t want to answer or by being vague when someone really wants to be close.

We cease to be plain and straight forward and become murky in our speech.

And Trevor discussed our desire to look for the “Next” button in life:

I find myself constantly looking towards the next thing. I start sentences with “When I just get….” The tendency to do this also goes up when life is not quite going the way I want it to. I look for the “next” button when I find myself stressed, tired, frustrated or unhappy. I assume that if I can just get to the next part of life, everything will be ok.


Rachel Held Evans had a beautiful post about wrestling with scripture: I love the Bible.

Donald Miller’s Storyline blog had some great stuff this week. Our favorites were:

Hi, I’m Al and I’m an Addict

In Life, Move Through the Fear Rather Than Around It

Our Primary Goal is Love

Skye Jethani wrote Planting Gardens in Prison: Why We Labor for Shalom Now

Finally, some stuff on technology. CBS News had an interesting article on our tech obsession with Texting: Can we pull the plug on our obsession?

And here’s a video on YouTube about the continuing effects of technology in our society featuring the great Sherry Turkle:

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