I’m no Superman

On April 12th, 2008 my life and identity changed with a simple “I do”. Before that day I was the token “single guy” amongst a crowd of married friends. For years I was that guy. I immensely enjoyed these years as I had some opportunities that I probably couldn’t pull off as a married guy.

But, five years changes a guy.

Last week my wife had a conference in Florida for five days. Her mom took our son (who is two years old today by the way!) to her house for a majority of that time because of my crazy work schedule. So, the house was empty for almost five days.

At first my inner introvert was throwing a party. Streamers and all. An empty house means that I can be quiet and not be around people. Nothing against my family but the very idea of alone time gets me very excited.

But what would have been an attractive option five years ago got old within about a day.

The house got messy. I ate pizza for the third day in a row. Laundry started to pile. I’m not sure if I showered. Odors started to emerge.

After the third morning in a row of waking up on my couch, I came to a realization:

I’m no good on my own anymore. 

With this realization one of my favorite theme songs from one of my favorite shows played in my head.

The very short intro to Scrubs has the familiar line:

“I can’t do this all on my own. I’m no Superman”.

So much of this brilliant show revolves around JD leaning into his important, and sometimes dysfunctional relationships to get him through his residency to become a doctor.

And even though I know deep down how important it is to have people in my life, that need is further amplified by having five days on my own.

I’ve learned how much I need my family and how much I have really changed since my single days. While those days were awesome, I traded them in for something even better.

But also I have learned the importance of relationship. I have found the times my life slows down and I feel the least effective correlates with the times when I invest little in relationship.

Because, I’m no Superman.

This week, I challenge you to start things off bettering at least one of your important relationships. Make that a priority. Whether it be a family member, close friend, spouse, or child – come up with two or three things you can do to make that relationship better.

Because I’m no Superman….and neither are you.

What are some ways you can make a relationship better? We would love to hear from you.

2 thoughts on “I’m no Superman

  1. …hold it No Superman. You mean the maid went on vacation the same time I did?! She’s fired.

    Just kidding. Love you, babe, and missed you, too!

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