Friday is Relinkulous

We are continuing our new Friday format where we are reviewing our week and providing links to great content we have taken in this week. We hope you enjoy!


Chris discovers he is no good on his own anymore:

I have learned the importance of relationship. I have found the times my life slows down and I feel the least effective correlates with the times when I invest little in relationship.

Trevor talked about B.i.S. theology – the importance of being present:

We need more people who are willing to be butts in seats in our world. People willing to simply BE rather than fix or explain. All it takes us a willingness to show up.

Allen reflected about the need to talk less:

So today I’m trying to learn the art of shutting my mouth. And maybe, just maybe, the message I communicate will be more powerful without the filler word

And Chris talked about the power of “no“:

The pleaser in me cringes at saying no. The pleaser in me wants to be liked and will compromise many things in order to, in short, please. But the pleaser in me also gets me into binds.


Frank Viola had a beautiful post on Jesus: The Wine that Never Fails

The Storyline Blog had a great post on God’s Will: Stop Waiting for God to Tell You What to Do with Your Life

Here is a great conversation with some influential church leaders, and what the future of the church might look like.

Rachel Held Evans has a great post about “When Our Interpretations Differ.

If you are trying to wade through the political season, we suggest this from Eric Spier.

Our friend Scott Elliot has a great post on bias.

And in technology, a Yahoo post on why we are so rude online.

Any links you would like to share? We’re always looking for more!

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