using your silliness to claim holy space

Yesterday was a long, long day. These days tend to happen when I get out early and tell everyone “I’m planning to be home early today”. Big mistake.

As I have said before, I have a second job checking gas wells in the area. I enjoy this job but there are days like yesterday when one little thing goes wrong – then the dominoes start to fall. Thankfully everything was resolved but what was supposed to be a quick day turned into almost a thirteen hour day.

These kinds of days are difficult for many reasons but really it is the most difficult because there is no space for anything but work and sleep. I got up early before the sun rose and I didn’t get home until the sun went down.

When I left the house yesterday morning my son was just getting up. When I got home, he was headed to bed. There was no time to play, eat, or enjoy spending time with one another.

But, I had a plan. Even though I had no time during the day to really spend with my son, I had something in mind that would make up for all of it.

You see, I have a little alter-ego I save for special occasions. As of now, I haven’t figured out a name for him but he has a remarkable ability.

He can make my son belly laugh at the drop of a hat.

This character is quite silly. Basically, he makes a silly face (usually with a cartoonish scowl) and stares at Griffin as he walks out of the room. Then, inevitably he will run into something he didn’t see. My character makes a big deal out of running into the door or the wall that includes a loud noise, overdramatic reactions, and unnecessary dramatics.

And, my son loves it. In fact, I think I made bedtime a lot tougher because he wanted my character to run into more and more things and be more and more silly.

And of corse, I was happy to oblige.

Because, yesterday was difficult. But when we decided to claim something sacred in the middle of a day that crowded out anything whimsical or lighthearted, holiness ensued.

Sometimes these days can have sharp elbows, forcing out our meaning. But when we intentionally claim time and space to engage in the holy work of being God’s children, I think our maker is very happy to show up.

Today, I want to challenge you to claim some holy space in the midst of the chaotic work day. Find a way to slow things down and look around. Inject life into the monotony of work and ask God to show up in the middle of that life.

What have you done to claim holy space in the midst of a long work week?

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