Friday Linktastic!

At the end of each week here on Sacred Margins, we want to give you the chance to catch up on our blog while also giving you some links to other blogs we love. Please take a few moments to catch up on our content and make sure to check in on what is happening across the web! As always if you have a blog you want to link, please let us know!

This week on the blog:

Allen encourages those who are looking for a place to belong:

“One of the greatest gifts you can give today is to make another person feel like they belong. Because we all feel like outsiders. We all want a place to feel like known. Like family.”

Chris is a silly dude and it brings him a holy moment:

“Sometimes these days can have sharp elbows, forcing out our meaning. But when we intentionally claim time and space to engage in the holy work of being God’s children, I think our maker is very happy to show up.”

Trevor sheds light on one word prayers of freedom:

“Perhaps prayer is not necessarily just about getting God to do something for us. Perhaps prayer is God wanting to do something within us. Perhaps prayer is simply how we are supposed to make sense of our world. Perhaps it is the way God breaks us down at times. Perhaps prayer is the way God makes crystal clear all the ways we lean on things other than him. Maybe prayer has a lot less to do with changing God and a lot more to do with changing us.”

And Allen encourages us to never give up:

“Keep grinding. Keep speaking the truth. Keep listening. Keep giving second chances. Keep on living as an example of someone defined by grace. Keep loving them exactly where they are.”

From around the web:

Sarah Bessey asks the question: “Am I creating something beautiful and true? Or am I just reacting?”

Donald Miller reflects on differing attitudes driving churches these days in his post: Reflecting on the two different spirits guiding the Christian Church.

Instead of control, I’m dwelling in grace.” – Great thoughts from Shauna Niequist on getting through the busy seasons of life with grace.

We don’t really write on politics, but this is a great response to Ann Coulter’s tweet from the debate on Monday night from a global ambassador of the Special Olympics. Powerful stuff.

XXX-Church examines the impact of TV’s portrayal of romance and how it effects married couples.

Finally we want to link to a very special friend of the blog, and a mighty fine real-life friend as well. Niki Nowell has recently become a published author and gives us an update on where things stand with her writing. Congrats, Niki! We are proud of you!

Thanks again for reading this week!

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