Linkapalooza Friday

Here’s some good links from the blog and around the web this week that can bless your Friday. We encourage you to add links to great stuff you’ve read recently down in our comments section.


Trevor gave us some words on fear:

I want to live a life where fear doesn’t have the wheel. It seems like such a better way to live. But in order to this, I may have to make some radical shifts. Because so much of my life is run by fear.

Allen talked about how vision requires some tough questions:

“What if…” is not always welcome. It challenges our pre-conceived notions, our stability, our plan. It causes change. It asks us to stop and think before blindly acting or staying on the same path. And honestly, the easiest thing to do is to sweep the questions and the challenges under the rug. It’s easier to bury the minority report and continue on with the status quo.

Chris hates waiting:

In this lies one of the great battles of our time and culture: immediate gratification vs. waiting it out. The problem is, immediate gratification has some fantastic weapons. It seems that the desire to wait it out puts up little fight.

And Trevor used creepy sheep to discuss discipleship:

Jesus takes an upside down world and wants to show us how to live right side up. Sometimes that is difficult and frustrating. Sometimes it causes pain. But one of the foundations of this blog is that the three of us hold firmly that this way is always the better way to live.


If you’ve read these link posts, you can tell how much we love the Storyline blog. Justin Zoradi wrote another wonderful post entitled Want to Live a Meaningful Life? Stop Thinking It’s About You.

If you’re a parent, you will likely empathize with Josh Graves’ post Fear and Death and Parenthood.

I love Margaret Feinberg’s heart in her post An Open Letter to Everyone Over 40 Who Has Left the Church.

Scott Elliott had a thoughtful post called How Far Is Heaven?

“Grace doesn’t fit in a fortune cookie.” True words from Jamie Wright in Fortune Cookie Faith.

Sean Palmer offered challenging words in All God’s Children: Loving our LGBTQ Friends As We Love Ourselves.

And finally, because it’s Friday and we could all use a laugh —

Video of a dog farting and smiling that had my daughter & I laughing for an hour:

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