Relinkuish Your Friday

Here’s some good links from the blog and around the web this week that can bless your Friday. We encourage you to add links to great stuff you’ve read recently down in our comments section.


Chris talks about the old paths:

We all need a way to connect to something older and deeper than our age. While we are more efficient at everything and find new and better ways to accomplish our tasks, we often lose the heart of what is important.

Trevor talks about seeds, trees and radical love:

We all carry the capacity for great love, beauty and greatness within us. We just aren’t trees yet.

Allen talks about change:

But change is a part of life. We get no rebirth without death.


Once again, Donald Miller has a great post about making decisions.

Jennie Allen has some wise and beautiful words about living in a post Christian world.

Hard to avoid politics this week, so here were some words that we felt were refreshing rather than adding to the noise.

Our friend Adam talks about God’s will.

Scot McKnight has a great post on Politics and the Gospel.

And Zack Hunt has some beautiful words on Election and Eucharist. (Even when Rob Bell is just mentioned, I will find it.)

Finally, if you don’t know about XXXChurch already, you need to. They have recently launched an online church service where you can worship, there is a talk and then they have a place you can chat online about struggles with porn. Go here for more information.

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