An Invitation to Advent

We have spent this week talking about Advent. In case you are still new to the idea of Advent, here is a quick refresher:

Advent officially starts this coming Sunday.

And we would like to invite you celebrate with us.

Starting Monday we will posting an Advent reflection. We will have some thoughts on the week’s theme, some traditional Advent Scriptures, and a prayer for us all to pray together throughout the week. We we also have a few things to be reflecting on throughout the week.

Tuesday through Thursday we will be posting three different people’s responses to our Monday reflections to help guide you through the week. We hope that as you reflect during the week and read others reflections that you will add your own thoughts on the blog and tell us how God is speaking during this Advent season.

We started this blog with the hopes of our community being extended to you. We can think of no better way to do that than celebrating the coming of Jesus together. We hope you will join us in celebrating this fantastic season!!

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