Friday Linkaliciousness

Here’s some great content from the blog and around the web this week.


Trevor is excited that Jesus is coming!!

With all the frustration I can have with the religion that bears his name, Jesus has yet to let me down. He is beautiful, powerful, wonderful and I have found no experience quite like that of Jesus showing up.

He infuses life with meaning and beauty and shows a better way to be human. So even if I think the method is cheesy and flawed, I cannot help but get excited when Jesus is on the way.

Allen compared Advent to a banquet table in the valley:

But even in the middle of the chaos, Jesus came. He came to be with us even in our darkest valleys. And he shows us that something better is possible. That even in a world that seems to surround us with evil, we can come to the table to find true love and joy and peace and hope.

Our friend Janae from shared some great ideas about celebrating Advent as a family:

Last year after spending the majority of December focusing our family on Christ, my husband and I both felt renewed and refreshed spiritually (despite being physically exhausted from all the craziness of Christmas). We felt that we prioritized our relationship with God more than we had in a long time. Our children also gleaned some important truths about Jesus and our Advent pursuits drew us closer together as a family. It doesn’t get much better than that!

And Trevor gave us a refresher on Advent and an invitation:

We started this blog with the hopes of our community being extended to you. We can think of no better way to do that than celebrating the coming of Jesus together. We hope you will join us in celebrating this fantastic season!!


Scott Elliott at Resurrected Living has an engaging post about how ministers are like artists.

At Relevant magazine, John Pattison offers ideas about creating your own Advent conspiracy.

Need some rest? Here’s some great ideas on how to find rest in Jesus by Jena Nardella over on the Storyline blog.

Jonathan Storment has a great post about the problem with labels.

Trevor & I found this article by Tom Wright very interesting – “Women Bishops: It’s About the Bible, Not Fake Ideas of Progress“.

And finally, Walt Meuller writes about our attempts to buy happiness that can really only be found in Christ.

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