Thank Links its Friday

Here’s some great content from the blog and around the web this week.


We are celebrating Advent. Our weekly reflection is here.

Advent reminds us to use our creativity and imagination to bring love, justice, mercy and peace into our world. To become the hands and feet of our God as he fulfills his promises. To hope an active hope.

Chris has a beautiful post on his journey when hope is lost.

Yet, I hold out for the eucatastrophe. The “sudden joyous turn”, as it were. As it happened for those God redeemed in scripture… let it happen to my family. And for that matter, yours if you are feeling hopeless right now.

Trevor is trying to remind himself hope only has one true source.

My hope does not come from this. My value, worth, and happiness do not come from things turning out how I think they should. They do not come from having it all figured out or having “arrived”. They come from a Person.

Allen reminds us our hope is a today kind of hope:

So often our hope resides in some far off future. So when the road ahead isn’t clear and marked out for us, our hope tends to fade. Hope in the future can easily become worry and anxiousness when things go wrong. But hope is just as much about now as it is about then.


This is a beautiful story about what Advent can do to our daily lives.

Sarah Bessey has a guest post with some really beautiful thoughts about Advent and being a mother.

If you are involved in ministry in any form or fashion, please read this post from Patrick Meade.

Kelly Nikondeha writes about how Advent has now become a holy ache.

Here is Sean Palmer on preaching Christmas and Shane Alexander on giving Christmas.

Donald Miller shares some great thoughts on leadership and flattery.

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