So what is Epiphany?

As we’ve talked about this entire week, we approach the liturgical calendar with both excitement and trepidation. If you are from a non-liturgical society like we are, many of the traditions, names and terms are foreign to you. But just as many of us have found blessing in connecting with seasons such as Lent or Advent, we anticipate finding meaning and depth as we explore new territory.

So before we jump headlong into the season next week, here’s some info on what Epiphany is all about:

'ADORATION OF THE MAGI'Epiphany literally means “to reveal”, “to show” or “to make known”. It is the season in which we focus on the humanity of Jesus – the incarnation of God in human form.

Traditionally this is done beginning with the story of the visiting Magi in Matthew 2. The gifts of these Gentile astrologers give us insight into the humanity of Christ – gold (representing kingship), frankincense (representing divinity and holiness) and myrrh (representing suffering).

Epiphany is celebrated on January 6th (after the 12 days of Christmas) and leads us up to the season of Lent. Themes during Epiphany include light, anointing and commission. Several other stories are used to help focus on these thematic elements during the season.

Here at Sacred Margins we will be using some Biblical narratives to guide us through the season. This man Jesus was recognized as God by many people during his lifetime – John the Baptist, witnesses to his miracles and his disciples and followers. So each week we will follow in their footsteps in exploring the great paradox of Jesus’ humanity and divinity – and what it means in our lives.

Our 5 weeks of Epiphany will be used to work through these stories:

Week 1:  The Visit of the Magi
Week 2:  The Baptism of Jesus
Week 3:  The Miracle of Water to Wine
Week 4:  The Light of the World
Week 5:  The Transfiguration

We pray that this will be a time to remember the signs of Jesus that revealed his presence to people. May our homes be blessed by the recognition of Jesus therein. And may we all be empowered to live lives that are an epiphany of God’s coming to us in Jesus – even now through the humanity of his followers.


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