Friday Linktacular

Here’s some great content from the site and around the web for your Friday.


Our second week of Epiphany has been focused on the baptism of Jesus.

Allen reflected on living in approval of the Father:

But the words of God have been ringing in my ears this week. “You are my dearly loved Son, and you bring me great joy.” I am reminded of how proud my dad is of me. And just like Jesus, I am loved.

Chris connected baptism narratives woven through scripture:

When we go into the waters of baptism, a proclamation is made that we in our darkest time can pass through and find a new name and calling. The act of baptism not only removes sin, but removes fear.

Trevor talked about being totally immersed in God:

If we want to live completely immersed in God, it starts by allowing ourselves to drown in the ocean of His love. Life immersed in God is constantly reminding ourselves we are loved and valued right here and right now.


I love Donald Miller. This week he wrote about how his faith has changed since writing Blue Like Jazz.

Tim Challies wrote a great post about dealing with the great cost of our technologies: distraction.

Rachel Pieh Jones wrote an interesting article for SheLoves Magazine on our concepts of beauty and how we have dealt with it in the church. It’s challenging and worth your time.

This post from Laura Parker shows a great example of what real community looks like.

If you’re not familiar with Greg Boyd, you need to get acquainted. He’s who I want to be when I grow up. This series of short on hearing God is deep and meaningful.

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