when God dazzles us

As we continue our observance of Epiphany, we encourage you to begin each day with our weekly reflection.

As a gen-Xer, I represent the fulcrum on the theological teeter-totter between modern and post-modern thinking. While many will lump my generation squarely in the court of post-modernity, I believe there is more of a split in thinking. My generation is where things began to tip away from modern thinking into the new frontiers of post modernism.

And, a large part of the shift comes from a change of thought on how we see God. For modern thinkers, the Enlightenment paves the path to God. That is, if it can be rationalized and explained through an intellectual process, than it can more likely be trusted. I realize this is a gross generalization of hundreds of years of thought process, but I believe this to be basically true.

Post-modernity is a reaction to this system of belief. For the post-modern, God can be felt, experienced, and speaks more to our emotions. Little credence is granted for intellectual pursuits yet much more is allowed for authenticity and transparency.

As someone sitting on the fulcrum of the teeter-totter, I often feel a part of both camps. My comfort zone is in modernity, but my curiosity leans towards post-modern thought.

As we reflect upon our text this week in the liturgy, we find a story that has been studied for generations and picked apart for theological significance repeatedly. Yet, I wonder if this is a story that needs a theological work over. Could this first miracle give us a peek into something simple and profound about the coming ministry of Jesus?

Because the miracle was just that – simple yet profound. No one was healed. Not much was at stake – except the reputation of the head of the party planning committee of a wedding that either had ordered way too little booze or had unfortunately invited a lot of alcoholics. As Allen stated yesterday – not many likely knew about what actually happened with the miracle. They just kept drinking.

This leads us to the beauty of the miracle. In a lot of Donald Miller’s writings he speaks of God simple “dazzling” us. For example, there are sights in nature that simply astonish us. These places evoke wonder and awe. When we gaze at mountain or a forest valley, it doesn’t fix any of the crap in our lives. Yet, something about seeing the magnificence of creation reminds us of the power of our creator. We are reminded about how small and fragile we are in comparison to creation and the creator.


And, it is really hard to rationalize or intellectualize creation….or miracles in that matter. The two are intrinsically related. I believe this to be especially true with the miracle of the water to wine. Maybe Jesus just did this miracle to dazzle and invite his disciples into the lives he was calling them into.

So today, I want to encourage you not to over-think things with God. There will be a time and place for that. But, today try to see the signs of God’s love and provision in the simple things. Maybe God is looking to dazzle you today but you need to slow down to see it.

How has God dazzled you lately?

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