Week in review: Jesus turns water into wine

As we continue to write here at Sacred Margins, from time to time we will tweak our weekly format to enable folks not only to connect with what we are writing, but to catch up as well. We know not everyone is able to read daily and most folks have a slower day on Sundays and might have the chance to read.

So, each Sunday look for a short synopsis of the previous week and a quick preview of the next. We hope this will be a blessing as you work through the liturgical calendar with us each week.

3rd Sunday after Epiphany: Jesus turns water into wine:

Allen asked the question – was this a wasted miracle or a perfect one?

Because life with Jesus is like the difference between water and wine. The presence of Jesus – in very nature God, yet unmistakably human – brings meaning and depth and aroma and color and essence to our lives.

On Wednesday, Chris offers his thoughts on God dazzling us:

And, it is really hard to rationalize or intellectualize creation….or miracles in that matter. The two are intrinsically related. I believe this to be especially true with the miracle of the water to wine. Maybe Jesus just did this miracle to dazzle and invite his disciples into the lives he was calling them into.

On Thursday, Trevor works through the ordinary aspects of the miracles in the book of John and how they inspire us to look towards the ordinary as miracles in our day to day.

I love the Gospel of John. One of the things I love about it is the metaphors. Jesus uses the most ordinary things to show he is the Messiah: water, wine, bread, light. These ordinary and elemental things are how he reveals himself.

Next week the liturgy brings us to Jesus as Light. So today as you experience Sabbath, how has Jesus’ light illuminated the dark places in your life? Where do you see light in the darkness of the world?

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