Week in Review: Light

We continue our new weekly format to enable folks not only to connect with what we are writing, but to catch up as well. We know not everyone is able to read daily and most folks have a slower day on Sundays and might have the chance to read.

So, each Sunday look for a short synopsis of the previous week and a quick preview of the next. We hope this will be a blessing as you work through the liturgical calendar with us each week.

4th week after Epiphany: Light:

Allen talks about darkness not being the opposite of fear, but the absence of it:

Jesus does not oppose the fear of these moments, he drives it out. When we let Christ rule even in our uncertainty or pain, fear cannot exist. The love of Christ dispels fear.

Chris asks us to rethink our response to both light and the Bible:

As we saw the light of God’s word literally heal and change a community who was broken by spending hours together reading and interpreting to one another – could our churches benefit from the same process? Maybe our gatherings could use a healthier “community hermeneutic” as it were and depend on one another through God’s spirit to bring light into our lives.

Trevor talks about how we each are unique carriers of light:

It reminds us that each human we come in contact with, no matter how bothersome they may be to us, is designed to reflect light in a beautiful and unique way. They aren’t a problem to be avoided, they are something beautiful.

Our guest post this week was from Niki Nowell, who talks about how we share in Jesus’ mission of revealing light in the darkness:

We too get to move from darkness to light, from poor to filled with Good News, held captive to freedom, from blindness to sight, from oppressed to released. But we have to choose. Our own revelation can and should lead to becoming part of the forward movement in the lives of others.

Next week the liturgy brings us to the Transfiguration of Jesus. So today as you rest and catch up, think about places in your life you may need transformation? As we approach Lent, what might Jesus be wanting to change and reveal in you.

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