On Killing Good Things

I really struggled with what to write this week. I sat down and read the Scriptures again and then looked through what Allen and Chris talked about. But still, I felt as if I had nothing to say. But one thing I have learned when it comes to creative blocks, is the best thing we can often do is walk away.

So with a pending post, I decided to go to bed.

At first this seems like a bad decision. We assume if we have a task we need to accomplish, then we need to sit down and work really hard until we get it done. Going to bed with something pending seems like the opposite of helpful.

But while this strategy seems counterintuitive, I have found it to be one of the most helpful. In fact, within ten minutes of resigning myself to not writing and going to bed, I knew what to write about.

It seems like the exact opposite of what I should have been doing, but it led to a fresh idea.

But this is not our default mode. Our default mode is work harder, be more disciplined, dig your heels in deeper, be more stubborn.

But what if the resistance means God is doing something new? What if God wants to completely change our focus and direction? Are we open to it?

Are we willing to let go of our assumptions and structures and patterns for God to do a new thing?

I am currently in a place in life where God wants to do something new. I am having a shift in the way God and I interact. I tend to resist this. The other way worked for so long. I like the other way. The new way would make me change some things and re-think some things.

Certain things will have to die so a new way of living can happen.

So we get to a point of crisis. Will I hold on to the old ways of doing things? Or can I let go of the things I hold dear and allow God to do a new thing? Because in order for God to do a new thing, other things may have to die.

We all struggle with this. We like to hold on to the old way of doing things. We hold on to what is comfortable and what has worked up to this point. When we are faced with those things having to die we resist heavily.

People do this.

Churches do this.

You do this.

I do this.

Our nature is to resist death and just keep on like we always have been.

But what if we are facing death because God wants to do something new? What if something good might even need to die so something better is able to live?

life-and-deathBut this is the beauty of Lent (and the theme this week! Go back and read the Scriptures with this idea in mind). We lean into death, because we know about the life that awaits. This is easy enough when the things we need to die to are destructive. But what happens when something that was good for so long needs to die?

Some times in order for something new to be born, we have to do something completely counterintuitive to how we think the world works.

So the question becomes:

Are we willing to put EVERYTHING on the line so we can have new life?

Are you willing to die (even to what seem like good things) in order for God to do a new thing? Or are you clinging to old ways of doing things because they are comfortable, familiar, and “right”?

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