Seeing the Value

Our daily reflection for the week can be found here. We hope you join us in reading and praying each day during this 5th week of the Easter season.

We’ve begun the long process of preparing to put our house on the market. Every waking moment over the last few weeks has been spent painting and landscaping and fixing all of the little things we’ve let slide over the last 7 years. It’s amazing how many things you can ignore until you are certain other people will see them. But after a ton of work, we’re starting to see light at the end of the tunnel.

MovingBoxes.307194041_stdOne of the strangest tasks in all this has been packing up our possessions. We have way too much stuff. Way. Too. Much. Stuff. And it’s strange because we’ve had to go through and categorize all of it. Everything gets a label – prized possession, essentials, garage sale, trash. Lots ended up in our garage sale. Even more made its way to the dumpster.

My default setting has just been to throw everything away. I find some strange joy in it – clearing out space for something new. If there’s any question about an item’s value, I’d rather just get rid of it instead of going through the hassle of moving it north 130 miles. So we’ve kept our local waste disposal crews busy.

My daughter sees the world differently, however. I’m not sure if they have a Hoarders for 9-year olds, but she’d definitely be a candidate. I think she’s kept every piece of paper she’s ever touched. There were things tucked into every nook and cranny. And everything had some significance, whether it was a gift from a friend or a memory of a grandparent.

Where I see hassle, she sees value. What I would throw away, she treasures.

This difference is at the heart of the commandment to love one another. We spend most of our day categorizing those around us. We assign labels and value to people. And in the process, whether consciously or unconsciously, we relegate others to the garage sale table. Or worse, to the trash heap.

Yesterday, Trevor wrote:

So if our job is to show what God is like, we have to look at people and treat people like God does. We need to drop our barriers and categories and we need to love.

In other words, to approach life more like my daughter than me. To see value instead of hassle. To treasure instead of write off.

Because that is exactly the choice God made with us. Because that is the essence of love.

So let us today drop the labels and the categories. Let us look deeper. Let us see the value that is in every person that we pass by. Let us show what God is like.

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