Room to Move

Our daily reflection for the last week of the Easter season can be found here.

This moving thing is a grind.

A couple weeks ago I talked about how strange it was to categorize our things. Lots of our stuff has been packed, put away and labeled. We’ve filled our dumpster to the brim approximately 32,000 times. It’s been a slow process of gradually clearing out the junk and the unnecessary items so our house looks as good as possible.

The latest step has been to stage our house for viewing. We finally got the house on the market about a week ago, and it looks quite different than it did for most of the time we’ve been there. Honestly, it feels a bit empty.

Because staging your house is about making space. We’ve had go room by room and look at everything with new eyes. Bookcases have been emptied and put in storage. Toys have been put away. The beautiful curio cabinet that Staci got from her grandparents: cleared out and moved to the garage. In an effort to make the house look as big as possible, we’ve moved out unneeded furniture and treasured possessions. We want prospective buyers to have room to move around the house freely.

It’s hard to picture yourself in a house when there’s no room for you.

As Trevor laid out our reading for the week yesterday, something he said hit me:

So we pause this week to make room and prepare for the Spirit. And we take the time to see how we are functioning in community.

Am I making more room for people in my life? Is my community expanding? Is the circle of people I am willing to affirm, respect, and love widening? Am I using my resources well?

These questions help us better open ourselves up for the work of the Spirit.

MR_SIDE-550x309As we have made room in our home, it has been difficult because we haven’t just moved out the junk, but some valuable things as well. Clearing space has required moving of good and bad.

I’m not sure that I make space on a regular basis for others or the Spirit. Just like the house I’ve lived in for years, my life has become full – habits, time commitments, routine, schedules. When I need room for something (or someone) new, I rarely clear space. I just jam it in to my life, hoping to have the time and energy to make it work.

How can people feel like they have a place in my life when it’s obviously so full? Is it possible that the Spirit of God has little room to move in me because there’s too much stuff in the way?

Maybe getting in the habit of clearing some space would be a good thing. It’s not necessarily easy or fun. I know there’s some junk, but I may also have to get rid of some good things to make space for the better.

And maybe, just maybe, if I look at everything with fresh eyes, I can make more room for the Spirit to move.

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