Jesus Cares About Women

We thought that last week’s theme was an important and deep one, so we decided to carry it over to this week. If you haven’t gone through last week’s readings, we encourage you to do so this week.

I hate how absurd the title to this post sounds.

I mean, it should be obvious, right? Jesus cares about every person. There should be no person – regardless of race, gender, nationality or sexual orientation – that doubts that Jesus cares about them.

But you know that’s not reality. There are people out there who, because of oppression or censorship or marginalization or any number of other reasons has been led to believe that they are of second-class value. That they are not on the level of others.

Which flies right in the face of Paul’s beautiful words in Galatians 3, that precisely because Jesus loves us, that

There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male and female. For you are all one in Christ Jesus.

I hate that those words are so hard to realize in this world. Even more, I am frustrated that in the church we have struggled just as much to make them a reality.

I’ve written before about the need to make sure women in the church feel loved and valued and equal. We do not have the best history on this subject. So as we’ve focused on this theme “What does Jesus care about?“, I wanted to affirm that women are vital to our churches. Even more than that, I wanted to write about how much we need them helping lead the way.

The problem is, someone’s already done that. And done it much better than I ever could.

So, I humbly suggest that you take a few minutes to read these great articles by Gail Wallace over at Her words inspired and motivated me. I hope they do the same for you.

6 Reasons You Need Women on Your Church Board: Part 1

6 Reasons You Need Women on Your Church Board: Part 2

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