about what is true

When it comes to living better, it seems like so much of my being is wired against doing the things it takes to make it happen. There have been times I have wanted to make a list of simple things that, if done, make for better and more fulfilled living. These “truisms”, if I really believed and lived them out, would make for a better life in general. By no means would all my problems be solved or things be perfect, but my perspective on life would be much healthier as the inevitable challenges of walking this earth come.


Here is what I have come up with so far.

– Forgiveness is always better than holding a grudge.

– Confession brings freedom and shines light in the darkness.

– If relationships are the priority, I will never go wrong.

– The earlier you wake up, the better your day will be.

– Judging people brings a burden I was not made for.

– A good diet and daily exercise can make a lot of wrong things right.

– Admitting and embracing weakness can be liberating.

– Deep and intimate connection with event a few people makes my life better.

– Realizing others are imperfect and will not meet my expectation frees a lot of mental energy.

– When I can express myself (whether through writing, art, hobby, talking, etc.) gets me out of
my head and helps to make sense of the world.

– Focusing on my strengths will yield better results than fixing my weaknesses.

– When I do not live within my means, I find bondage. Debt is killer.

– Comparing myself to others leads to bitterness.

– Substituting anything for real, person-to-person interaction will always come up short.

– The more I care about other people and serve them, the closer I feel.

– There is very little I can actually control in this life.

Really, the list could go on and on.

As you look through the bible, you see these truisms about life laid out in the various narratives, prophecies, histories, and laws recorded by the Hebrew and early Christian people. In so may ways the bible is telling us about who God is and how he made us to work in relationship with him through these truths.

If that wasn’t enough, scripture shows us we were created to be fulfilled and completed by such things. When we choose to live the ways God shows us, I believe we fall into the way God made us to live. We tap into our truer selves and find peace and joy in the midst of a really chaotic and turbulent world.

This is so cool to me. And, this is the way I connect with God. What he says in scripture is really true, especially when I live it out. Plus, he wants us to live into the fullness of who he made us to be!

Scripture is so much more than a list of rules, or a proof-text of the existence of God. In fact I would argue the bible is about nothing of the sort. I believe scripture points us to the heart of a God who created us in a way we would truly come alive.

So, what would you add to the list above? How have you seen the truths of the bible make your life better?

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