about how God has faith in YOU.

Faith and trust are some of the most important aspects of our lives. Often Christians say that all you have to do is show faith in God, and everything is alright. But, what does that really mean?

Is a simple faith that God exists enough? Do we want to know certain things about God to be true? Or, do we have faith that God will take care of us?


The most glaring example of how important faith and trust is when it is lost. I work with so many students who feel like (even if it might or might not be true) nobody has any faith in them. When they give into the notion that no one trusts or believes in them, their actions and choices follow swiftly behind.

A life not having trust leaves a horrible wake of destruction. I think the destruction comes from the individual who has bought into the lie they are not worth being trusted. When they feel like someone does have faith in them, or believes in them, they have the ability to do literally anything.

This week we are talking about dealing with doubts and fears post-Easter. Now that Jesus is alive, how do we live? What is next? How do we proceed?

One of the more neglected aspects of the resurrection is the message God sent to us about how much he trusts us. Here is what I mean:

I think we can all agree God’s love was shown to perfection on the cross by making his son the ultimate sacrifice. For me, we can write on that to eternity and back and never waste ink.

But, the fact that Jesus entrusted eleven young, scared men – some who had recently proven they were not up for the job – with the job of establishing and maintaining his church, shows something profound. To me, if Jesus was so concerned with getting everything right and perfect with his church and how we live day to day, he would have kept his feet on the ground and never ascended to heaven.

Instead, he breathed on them the Holy Spirit and took the leap homeward. In this action he basically said –

“You got this.”

The one who was, is, and is to come gave the keys to the corvette to a bunch of knuckleheads trusting they would keep it on the road.

To me this shows so much about what the resurrection means, post Easter. God has a lot of faith and trust in us to carry out his plans here on earth. Yes, we have made a mess of things in so many areas. But, I believe it is because we sometimes forget how much God is rooting for us and how truly proud of us he actually is.

As Bob Goff says – “He is crazy about you, he keeps you picture in his wallet!”.

This is contrary to most of our theologies. We have been taught that we are scum, and unworthy of Jesus dying for us. But, what if it was the other way around? Yes, we could not save ourselves from ourselves, but we have also been shown who we really are through the resurrection.

So, do you live like God has faith in you? How does that resonate?

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