about the remembered

I’m not sure if it is age, but man am I a forgetful guy. I feel like there was a time where I could keep things a little more straight in my head as to what needs to be done, but lately I feel like it is more the norm than the exception that I am sitting in my office thinking:

“Now, what was it I was supposed to do today?”


I am really proud of the things I accomplished in my life, especially educationally. I have a bachelors and a masters degree, a few different licenses and certifications to boot – but as I look at the books on my bookshelf which provided so much of the information to help me earn these degrees – I couldn’t tell you anything about them at this point.

I really don’t think I am alone in my struggle to remember things – especially the important ones. Most people I know seem to walk the razors edge daily to keep things afloat, let alone do so keeping track of what is important.

This week we are thinking through the scriptures and reflecting on how God is one who always remembers his children. And, I think the scriptures this week remind us why seeing God as a loving parent is so important. When I think about my kids, I don’t really forget much when it comes to their well-being. While I might be forgetful in many other areas of life, there is something innate in me that keeps me paying attention to what is important for them.

That is why stories we hear on the internet of folks leaving their children in their carseat and forgetting them are so horrible. We think we would never do anything like that, then we hear a story about someone who did. It seems so foreign and terrible, but it happens. I think why it hits us so hard is we work so hard to make sure our kids have what they need and are protected.

I know not everyone has this experience with their own parents, but I believe this is what we know to be right and true about the world – that parents want to love and care for their children and never forget what they need.

When we see God as a parent, this changes things. We know God has our best interests in mind and is not looking for a way to punish us. God remembers that we are made from dust and that we are weak. He made us to depend on him and to trust him. When we trust God, we also know he will never forget us – even when it feels like he has.

We want to live as the remembered people of God. We are not alone and because of that, we want people who feel forgotten to know they are known by their creator.

Even if you feel forgotten today, reflect on the scriptures this week and know God has not and will never leave you.

You are remembered.

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