10 Most Influential Books Challenge Week

We decided to change it up on the blog for the week. Many of you may have seen the book challenge going around Facebook right now. When someone tags you, you are supposed to list the top ten most influential books you have read, and then challenge others to do the same.

education-booksWe often get asked about the books and writings that influence us on this blog, so we decided to take this challenge up for the week.

Tomorrow we will have a list of books common to the three of us. We have done a lot of reading and journeying together, so we find a significant amount of overlap in our influential books, so tomorrow will be a list of those books and why they are significant to each of us. The rest of the week will be our individual lists.

So we challenge you! As the week goes on, we would love you, our readers, to provide your own top ten lists. We want to know what you are reading and what is shaping you along the way.

We hope this will be a time to share our journeys as well as provide some resources we think are significant and helpful in the Ordinary Days of following Jesus.

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