about the ways we find peace

My time is short today, so I would like to piggy back a little on Allen’s thoughts with a few practical things you can do to bring peace into your world.

Derek Webb wrote a song a while back called I don’t want to fight. The story behind this song was a confrontation Webb had with one of his concertgoers over a controversial song he had written. Apparently the exchange got heated and led to a tense situation. Webb wrote these lyrics in response –

I don’t want to fight
Brother, I’m not joking about peace
We can have it here tonight
It all comes down to you and me

To be honest, I have never been a fan of this song musically, but the lyrics have stuck in my head. As a people we are depending on the rulers and principalities of our system to bring peace into the world. But, is this who we should depend on to bring peace? What if we took more responsibility?


I love the idea of peace coming to earth within our day-to-day interactions. With every conversation and situation we have an opportunity to be a person of peace.

Here are a few ways to find peace in our day-to-day:

  1. Find peace in disagreement – for some reason we have decided disagreement should be chased by conflict, name calling, chastisement, and mockery. Who taught us this? How did we buy into this? If I am honest, I find Christians to be some of the most judgmental and mean-spirited people when it comes to disagreement. Did we forget that our savior Jesus died for those who disagreed with him? Yet most of our responses to those who disagree with our personal beliefs resemble what you would see in my son’s pre-school. Friends, let us disagree in peace. Invite the person you are disagreeing with into a peaceful dialogue. Do not depend on them to do this for you!
  2. Lose some friends – These days a lot of our disagreements are online via social media. I’ll put it plainly – do not be afraid to unfriend! Or, if you have a toxic relationship bringing unrest into your life, set some healthy boundaries! Some might disagree with this stance, but consider this – do we really need to stress over an online relationship or someone who is just using you? If a person is being mean-spirited and un-Christlike, why do you feel compelled to change them or change their ways – especially online? The older I have gotten the more I feel comfortable blocking or even shutting out the angry and unhappy folks in my life. To me, peace will likely never be found in those situations. Peace can be found face to face – in a real and genuine relationship. These healthy boundaries not only help you find peace, but teach the negative folks in your life what is important.
  3. Lean into Jesus – the most peaceful people I know care a lot more about their relationship with Jesus than anything else. It seems like their relationship with Christ informs everything else they do. Those with a deep relationship in Christ seem to feel less compelled to draw lines in the sand or say hateful things. Peace is found through a relationship with Christ and that peace will flow over their relationships.

Peace is often misunderstood. But, it can be found.

What are some ways you have found peace in this chaotic world?

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