Preparing For Lent

0e1258963_lent-1We are one week away from Lent, and our return to the blog!! We are getting very excited about sharing this journey with all of you. As we head into Lent, we wanted to put up some links to remind you what Lent was all about as well as give you some ideas for what you can do for Lent.

If you need an introduction to Lent or a refresher on what it is all about, there is a video here that is excellent, and here is one of our introductory posts from a few years back.

If you need ideas for Lent:

One of our favorites is Blood Water Mission. This is great if you have never done Lent or if you have done it for years. You commit to drinking only water for Lent (remember you get breaks on Sundays) and using the money you would have spent on other drinks to give clean water to folks in countries who need it.

Here is an online resource with weekly thoughts and challenges.

We have also been using this calendar in some form or fashion for several years. That one is from 2010 (and is my favorite) but they have other versions here and here that are really good as well.

If you like daily reflection this and this are good resources.

For a more intense fast which also gives to those in need, try this.

Or if none of those grab you, explore this post or this one.

We are excited to enter into this new season and pray that Jesus meets us powerfully in the coming weeks.

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