Lent Week 2: Boundaries and Freedom

As we enter into the second week of Lent, we want to explore the idea of boundaries and freedom. If you want to follow along with the Lectionary readings for this week, click here.

goldfish jumping out of the waterFor most people, boundaries and freedom contradict each other.

Our culture tells us true freedom is when we are unrestricted and have no limits or boundaries imposed on us.

Many Christians spend all of their time presenting and upholding boundaries as the only way to understand Christianity and have little or no concept of freedom.

But what if neither one of these is a true picture? What if freedom is only freedom when it has boundaries? And what if Jesus is more concerned with freedom than he is with rules and regulations?

In Lent, we set up 40 days worth of boundaries with the hope of finding more freedom. Lent helps us discover what freedom truly is, and how boundaries lead us into that freedom. Lent helps us see what boundaries are helpful and what boundaries are not.

But in order to do this, we need to find better ways to talk about both freedom and boundaries. So that is the task we take on this week.


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