Purpose, Meaning and the Gospel

purpose word in letterpress wood type

Have you every wondered why the Bible contains four gospels? I mean, it’s the centerpiece of the biblical narrative, the climax of what God is doing in the world. You’d think that such a vital portion of the story would get one clear telling, one definitive take on the story. One person saying, “Here, this is what this story is all about.”

But that’s not what we have. Instead we get four. Four different angles and four different narratives.

I love the way God did this. It’s completely brilliant when you get right down to it. Sure, from our modern viewpoint it can be inconvenient. One voice telling the story is certainly simpler and more expedient. But it’s not nearly as diverse. Not nearly as complete.

But each of these men have given us Jesus through their eyes. And while they tell the same story with the same basic plot and the same big story, there are differences in nuance. They saw different things and have drawn out some different themes.

They each found their own purpose and meaning through their interaction with Jesus.

It’s a template for our own interaction with the Jesus story. The gospel does many things, but one important aspect is that it gives meaning and purpose to our own stories. What does it do for you?

Join us this week as we discuss.

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