A Time to Rest


Part of the reason we call this space Sacred Margins is because we believe in creating healthy margin in life. We need to create space for God to move and work instead of filling every moment, every inch. Sometimes you need the white spaces. And sometimes you need a season of rest.

Every now and again we take a small break from blogging in order find margin and renewal. This month will be that time for us. We will be taking a break with no new content over the next few weeks. During that time we pray that God renews our spirits and our minds (and yours as well) so that we may resume with energy and vigor.

One of our favorite times of the year is the season of Advent, the anticipatory time leading up to Christmas. This year Advent begins on November 29th, and you can expect to see new content from us at that time.

Thanks to all of you who faithfully read our thoughts and listen to our hearts every week. We love sharing and are so grateful that you engage with us. You will be in our prayers over the next few weeks. May the Lord bring you grace and peace during this short sabbath rest.

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