A Day to Lament

I was going to write today.

I was going to write about freedom and choice and how Christians can view their rights as a means of blessing.

And I will. Tomorrow.

Because yesterday I saw the video of Alton Sterling being tackled and eventually shot by police. Part of me hopes that you haven’t seen the video because it’s disturbing. Another part of me thinks we should all watch it.

So today I don’t want to write.
Instead I will lament.
I will grieve over the fact that our world is so messed up.
I will try to understand why our country is still so divided over race.
I will listen to the cries of a community who’s seen this way too many times.
I will try to see the world from a different perspective than my own.
I will to let my heart break for the oppressed and marginalized.

I will feel sorrow for all the good men and women serving as police officers who are doing tremendous work to keep us safe and serve their communities who get painted with a broad brush today.

And I will feel sorrow for my black brothers and sisters who face a much different world than I do and who face systematic oppression in ways I still don’t think I understand well enough.

So to all those hurting today, I just say this:
I’m so sorry.
I am angry along with you.
I stand at your side and demand justice with you.
I lament with you.

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