Out of Sorts: Happily Ever After and Making Peace with an Evolving Faith

I know I said I would write about vocation this week, but the topic seemed big enough to explore for several weeks. So that is coming. Until then, you can revisit my post where I linked some resources. Between now and the series I am going to make Allen read them all whether or not he […]

Out of Sorts: The Long, Beautiful Tradition of Faith

When I couldn’t find my way through the clutter of praise and worship, I found Jesus in the silence and in the liturgy. When I couldn’t go into a megachurch, I could sneak into a small chapel and light a candle. When I had no worlds to pray, the Book of Common Prayer gave me […]

Out of Sorts: On Discovering an Ancient Faith

Sarah does such a fantastic job of sharing her story and allowing it to help us make sense of our own experiences. This chapter made my heart sing because she put words on experiences I hadn’t been able to put words on until now. As I reflect on her chapters and write these posts, I […]

The Great Search of My Faith

Our conversation the last few weeks has centered around the concept of faith. This series has been one of my favorites here at Sacred Margins. So if you haven’t read the previous posts, I encourage you to catch up as we draw it to a close. The Great Stumble of My Faith Some Thoughts on […]

Some Thoughts on Faith From Our Friend Phil

Today we are excited to be able to welcome our friend Phil Pennington as a guest poster. Phil is someone that Chris & I have known for a really long time and whom we introduced to Trevor a number of years ago. He’s one of the most genuine and intelligent people we know as well as […]

The Great Stumble of My Faith

Since my kids are older now, I don’t get up in the middle of the night nearly as much as I used to. But I still remember those nights vividly. Hearing my name called out into the darkness. Waking with an abrupt, violent jerk. Stumbling out of bed not quite prepared to interact with my surroundings. The world […]

When Faith is a Struggle

If I had to put a word to my faith journey over the last few years it would be: Struggle. I struggle with my relationship with church. I struggle with the Bible. I struggle when I can’t make my favorite theologies make consistent sense in real life. I struggle when the faith that I was […]

The (Un)Inspiring Story of Faith

I want to write an inspiring post about faith. I want to sit here and type out the details of my story, to flesh out all of the unpredictable joys, all of the startling downturns and even the mundane details. I want to untangle each bump and every curve to show you how it was all […]

Walking on Water: Faith Vs. Certainty

I got to speak at Allen’s church this past week over the story in Matthew 14, so here are some thoughts based on that talk and what I learned from the wonderful people I got to discuss this passage with. My son starts Kindergarten next week. And I am a wreck. He did the half […]

Ordinary Days: The Nature of Faith

Ordinary Days become a good time to explore words whose familiarity has made us unfamiliar with their true nature. We get so used to the rhetoric of Christianity, that often the very words at the core of following Jesus lose their meaning. Ordinary Days provides the space to dive deeper into these (un)familiar words. The […]