About Us

The metaphor of “margin” means a lot of different things.

We need margin in our lives: room to just “be” rather than produce or perform. We need space to connect with God and reflect on the way God moves within our daily lives. The Christian tradition calls this “Sabbath.”

Jesus calls us to love those on the margins: the people whom society has forgotten, ignored, or oppressed. The margins are the place where we do the work of the Kingdom.

The margins can also be places which traditionally get ignored at church. And we want to re-claim the margins.

We have found there are often questions, ideas, doubts, and ways of thinking about God which are pushed to the margins. Faith is too often seen as something which is certain and settled. Asking big, tough questions about faith is often unsettling in places where faith is supposed to be easy, neat, black and white….so it feels marginalizing to even ask them out loud.

We have been and are currently working for and with churches, but for us, faith doesn’t often come easy.

It is a daily struggle and search.

We have big questions about life and faith and church. We are asking questions about the sacred, the divine. Who is God? What do we mean by God? What is God like? What does it mean to be human? A follower of Jesus? What do we do about the very real difficulties and suffering of the world?

We believe there needs to be more space for people who find faith a little more difficult: Who have questions that often feel unsafe to ask. Because when we ask the big questions, we have found many more people have been asking these same questions. Even the people who find faith easy. We want this to be a place where that happens.

Because what we have found is that the questions and doubts are sacred. And out here on the margins, we encounter God in new ways.

Our writers:

Allen Carr (author)
Trevor Cox (author)
Chris Robey (contributor/producer)


IMG_2308Here is a picture of us…oh, and Rob Bell.

He doesn’t write on this blog but we let him in the picture anyway.